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In the last 10 years PC gaming has flourished, with over new 10,000 games published in 2021 alone.  We're here to find you the best ones. Deep Seed Games was created to be fertile soil for games budding with soul, creativity, and purpose, without being buried in the back corners of mainstream game stores.

We've done the hard work of going beyond mainstream reviews, all the big franchises, and the games already on your radar. We are committed to finding games that bring the innovation and joy back to gaming and push against the status quo. Deep Seed Games is a place where we recognize that gaming is a place of learning, of play, of joy, and of resistance, and we work to center Black, Indigenous and people of color developers, and all those who share in our collective ancestral journey of liberation.

We are people that think about games, write about games, and of course play games of all kinds. We are developers, game journalists, and players. We are gaming enthusiasts at heart. And we use that enthusiasm to identify likeminded game makers and curate our collection for you.

We have all felt how the experience of play has challenged us, taught us, helped us build communities, and touched us, and we are excited to share that experience through this curated collection. This is a place where developers can finally see the seeds they planted lovingly watered and experience the joy of seeing those seeds blossom into new and exciting experiences for their players.